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Basketball Time Clock/Scoreboards

Obviously to be of any use, a time clock/scoreboard needs to be easily used and big enough to be seen when in use during a basketball game.

Traditional time clock/scoreboards are panels custom designed for this purpose, but are generally so expensive to purchase, keep up to date & maintain that there are many sports hall around the country which have non - functional ones hung on their walls.

In addition, many of the sports halls & gymnasia used for local league basketball have not been equipped with such purpose made time clock/scoreboards and the local clubs make do with whatever solutions they can find.

On the Internet

If you search the internet, several different items come up for basketball scoreboards – ranging from very expensive (the usual, traditional, very large display panels) to a free ‘virtual scoreboard’ that is software to run on a computer.

The majority of the search results are usually for variants of an American software scoreboard which you have to purchase, but which is offered on a free trial basis.

A Free ‘Virtual Scoreboard’

The software for a free ‘virtual scoreboard’ was developed for basketball in South Wales and can be downloaded from as a zip file which contains the software (an Adobe Flash application) and an explanatory pdf.

The scoreboard provides a digital Clock (minutes & seconds), Team Foul indicators, Game Period indicators, a Time-out button which displays the time-out countdown, a Buzzer button for manual sounds, 2 Possession arrows (which aren't much use) and Home & Away Scores.

The buzzer sounds automatically when the clock reaches 00.00.

Operating the scoreboard just requires the space bar on the computer’s keyboard to start & stop the clock and a mouse to do everything else.

What you would need to use the software is on the next page Use