Liverpool Basketball Club

Local Development for National Success


Founded at Liverpool YMCA in the 1969/70 season as an U18 team called ‘Atac’, LBC has run teams in Local, Regional and National basketball competitions for over 40 years - with varying levels of success.

During that time the Club has played under the names ‘Atac’, ‘Riversdale Atac’, ‘EPSC Atac’, ‘Liverpool Atac’ and, for the past 10 years or so, ‘Liverpool’.


Moving to Riversdale College of Technology in the early 1970’s, the Club established a night school in conjunction with the College and Liverpool City Council.

During the years of development at Riversdale, the Club expanded to run teams successfully in the local Merseyside League (Women, 1st/Premier Division Men and Junior Men), in the England Central League and in the North West Counties League (formed on devolution of the ECL).

Although the court and facilities at Riversdale were amongst the best on Merseyside at the time, they were not suitable for National Competitions - so in the late 1980’s  the Club started to play its Regional and National Competition games at the Everton Park Sports Centre (EPSC), with a view to applying for entry to the National League.

Prior to applying for the National League, the Club entered the National Founders Cup (a National KO Competition for teams not in the National League), reaching the Final in both the 1990/91 and 1991/92 seasons.

See National League for further history of the Club through to the current season.