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Liverpool Basketball Club

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Liverpool Basketball Club Home games are normally played at Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College, but on occasion may be played at the Archbishop Beck Tennis & Community Centre.


2017/2018 Season

2017/2018 Season Home games are detailed on the individual bi-monthly pages:-


Home games are normally played on either the Saturday or Sunday of a particular weekend. The lists of Home games give the dates and starting times of the games, each of which is normally preceded by a 30 minute period of team/player warm-up exercises.

Posters advertising individual games and special events, League, Cup & Play-Off results and tables are all normally published on the Liverpool Basketball Facebook page.
Home games will normally be advertised in the week preceding the games and the Facebook page is also used to provide related information and any late-breaking changes, etc.

Entrance Charges
A charge is made for spectator entrance to games involving the Senior Mens team, but there is not normally a spectator entrance charge for other games.
Entrance charges this season are: 2 Adult, 1 Child.

Players and spectators are normally able to obtain a variety of hot & cold drinks, food, sweets & other miscellaneous items at the tuck shop in the entrance corridor to the Sports Hall. Post-game team refreshments are normally provided, either in the entrance corridor past the tuck shop or in one of the nearby classrooms.

Game Photos, Videos & Live Streaming
Individual game photos are published on the Facebook page in game albums, any full-game videos being published on the Liverpool Basketball You Tube channel, with notifications & links on the Facebook page. Live streaming of NBL Division 2 and U18 games is available through the You Tube channel under the Liverpool Basketball Live heading, again with notifications, etc on the Facebook page